I absolutely love music. It’s something I’ve realized I can’t live without and I want to make it a part of my future career. It seems that with the rise of music streaming, I’m not the only one who loves to look for new music and discover what’s out there. But finding music that I can listen to has proved to be more of a challenge with each week. It shocks me to see what is trending on the national and world-wide charts. I hardly look anymore because I just see this every time:

That’s right. Almost every song on the top charts is explicit, and those that aren’t have mostly crude messages or off-the-radar curse words anyway. It’s hard to find good trendy music without compromising my morals. But I’m determined and thorough, which is why I decided to start this blog. Not everyone who has the same standards that I do has the time to hunt down good clean music, which leads to compromised morals or no music. Either way, it’s a sad day.

So whether you’re someone who follows religious standards, a parent trying to find clean music for your kids, or just someone who’s tired of hearing all the filth that fills the mainstream these days, I want to help you connect with artists that deserve the attention while providing you with wholesome music.

What constitutes “clean” or “wholesome” music in my book? First off, it’s not explicit (which includes all the curse words). Second, the theme of the music shouldn’t include anything suggesting sex, drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc. I also am avoiding anything irreverent or sacrilegious. Mostly I will be monitoring the lyrics. I hardly ever have a problem with the way the music itself sounds. It’s usually the lyrics that ruin the music so I won’t really be filtering out any certain musical styles if that’s something that bothers you.

I plan to write up a post every week featuring a song or an artist that I like and endorse. Aside from a weekly post, I have made playlists on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube so you can listen to more than just one good song per week.

Let me set out a warning now, though, that some artists I spotlight won’t have entirely appropriate music. By showcasing a song or an artist, I’m not trying to say that everything they put out is 100% clean and suitable for all ears. What I will try to do is show you the good that they have to offer. Then it’s up to you to figure out what other music of theirs you want to listen to.

I’m a chronic optimist, which means I can’t help but see the good in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but I know there’s good in everything. If it’s true that there’s opposition in all things, I believe there is just as much–if not more–good music as there is bad. Let’s show the world that just because the times are changing doesn’t mean our morals have to. Let’s not be trashy. Let’s keep it classy.


Mallory Wynne is the author of this blog. To learn more about Mallory, visit mallorywynne.com.