Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

I’ve become quite the fan of Andrew McMahon recently. He used to be a songwriter and tour with other bands, but now he’s gone solo. He tacked on the “in the Wilderness” part of his artist name for his most recent albums. I love the sound of his music. He’s got the kind of modern sound I’ve been really catching onto. It’s alternative meets pop. And his choruses are always the best parts of his songs. The verses are normally the places that you’ll find some really poetic lyrics and they carry the verses through to the jam-worthy choruses. With his sound and his lyrics, he has claimed a piece of my musical heart.

“Zombies on Broadway” is such a fitting name for Andrew’s newest album. In every song, you can find references to the Big Apple or sleep/sleepwalking/zombies. It’s like an insider’s view to living and working in NY. I also love his messages of home, love, and family. Andrew has a lot to offer audiences everywhere.


“Walking In My Sleep” is one of my favorites from Andrew’s latest album. This song is about a love that is constant when life feels surreal. The way the production builds in this song leads to a chorus that sounds so incredibly cute and motivational. It’s hard to explain. Just listen.

“Fire Escape” is one of the featured tracks on “Zombies on Broadway.” I haven’t listened to it too much but as I listened for this blog post, I have grown to really like it (and even added it to my favorites playlist). This song will make you want to go prancing around NYC at night time with the love of your life (cause that’s what the lyrics portray). Again, the chorus kicks off in such a satisfying way. It kind of jumps out of nowhere when the chorus drops and he sings “you’re my number one!” It’s so great.

“So Close” was the first song I heard from this album. I almost skipped over it when I first heard it because I don’t love the sound of the verses. Luckily, I held on long enough to hear the chorus drop and I was won over. Normally a good song needs to have really strong verses to stand as a good song, but the chorus in this song is so ridiculously jamming that I could care less if I don’t like the verses. I just listen for the chorus. It’s so hard to get this song out of your head too! And the lyrics really are so interesting. In a Facebook post, Andrew explained the meaning behind this song:

“It’s no secret that I enjoy taking risks and ‘So Close’ was forged in the middle of such a moment. It was penned after the first Wilderness tour when so much in my life felt like it was on the verge of something; Some great victory or defeat. It was hard at the time to tell which. There’s a nervousness that goes along with launching new projects and it creates an energy and excitement that bleeds into everything. Personal relationships, self confidence, sleep and dreams. For me, ‘So Close’ is a snapshot of life’s uncertain moments. Moments where every breath and motion is charged with anxiety and hope, fear and fearlessness.”

Listen to Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on Spotify and iTunes. Check out his videos on YouTube.

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