This week I’m featuring another one of my favorite up-and-coming artists. Hollyn has been on my favorites playlist since my sister recommended her to me (which I believe was when her album One-Way Conversations came out at the beginning of the year). Her music is so catchy and modern that you wouldn’t believe she’s a Christian artist. Not all of her songs are necessarily about God either, but I highly recommend the ones that are. She’s got a voice that sounds great belting out high notes. She sings with an edge that reminds me of Tori Kelly (and she’s got gorgeous blonde hair like her too). She’s insanely talented and she’s got a ton of good, clean music. I highly recommend her album One-Way Conversations, although I’m sure her earlier stuff is great too. I just haven’t listened to it as much. I’ll give you a taste of some of my favorites.


When “Love With Your Life” comes on, I can’t help but tap my foot at least. The beat makes you want to get up and move. The opening riff immediately pulls you into the song. It’s hard to skip this one, even after a few months of hearing it. Her voice just soars so beautifully in the chorus. And of course the message of the song is great for our time: “If you wanna see a change, you’ve gotta love with your life.” Check out the remix by Capital Kings too. I think it’s great for bringing to the gym or on a run. It’s hard to not be motivated when it comes on.

“Go” is a song I recently started listening to and I love it. It’s got a nice hip-hop/pop style that’s fun to listen to. The hook of the chorus is catchy too: “Where there’s fire, there’s smoke, and I’m ’bout to choke.”

“Lovely” is a nice laid-back song with a little commentary on today’s beauty standards. She mentions what some people say about looks but in the chorus she resolves by saying that “all of those voices fade away” when a special someone (or, perhaps in her case, God) calls her “lovely.”

I absolutely love the message of Hollyn’s “In Awe.” It’s sonically and lyrically beautiful. The writers and producers on this one did a really good job of conveying awe through music. I love how it isn’t stylistically a straight-forward Christian song, yet I feel it’s appropriate to put on my Sunday playlist. This is probably my favorite song by Hollyn.

“All My Love” will get you back in the dancing zone. It’s got a modern pop-dance style that’s really satisfying when the chorus drops. I also love how the lyrics sound like something my sisters and I would say: “You got me in my feels, got me feeling some type of way.” I always smile when I hear that line.

The last song I’ll talk about in this post is “Girl.” This is another song of Hollyn’s that I’ve recently started listening to. This is clearly a song that Hollyn wrote for herself so I don’t connect as much to the lyrics but I just love how the song sounds in general. It’s also interesting to get to know Hollyn a little more in this song. She talks about how she’s judged for being a Christian singer but she praises God for getting her where she’s at. I’ve got some serious respect for her. Can’t wait to see “what’s next” for Hollyn.

Listen to Hollyn on iTunes and Spotify. Check out Hollyn’s videos on YouTube.

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