John Splithoff

John Splithoff

I couldn’t write my first artist spotlight without showcasing one of my favorite up-and-coming artists. John Splithoff (pronounced Split-hoff) is one of the first artists I discovered when I decided to explore music outside of the mainstream. I found his first EP and loved it! He’s got an incredible voice that oozes with soul. His style is very eclectic, as he draws from the musical styles of both Chicago and New York. I love that he can pull off the many styles he tries on.

The best part: you can download John Splithoff’s EP “The Move” for free! There’s an awesome website called NoiseTrade where artists post their music for free download for publicity’s sake (although you can and should donate to the artists that impress you). You can find John Splithoff here.

John has also promised new music soon, so keep an eye out for it! Or you might just find me posting about it in the future…


“Vagabond” is just all-around fun to listen to. I love how it builds up in instrumentation throughout the first verse. It’s so pleasing once the chorus hits. The guitar throughout the song is fun too. The one thing that this song suffers from is John’s tendency to over-repeat the chorus at the end of songs. If you really love the chorus then it’s great but after a few times of hearing the song, you get the idea. Otherwise it’s pretty great.

“Woke” is interesting. John is featured on this track by Saturn & Orygin. As always, I think his voice sounds great on the track but I don’t like this style of song as much as his other stuff. I do like it enough to listen every once in a while though. There’s a lot of different interesting things that happen throughout the track. The part where he sings “Is this all a vision or a fantasy” has a pretty cool vibe going. I also like the part towards the end of the track where he sings “And then I woke” because it feels like a nice payoff. Then the track ends with an alarm clock fading in, which is cool in an eerie kind of way.

John’s most popular track is “Sing to You.” It’s been featured on Spotify playlists and has gained him a lot of fans. This song has a nice laid-back feel to it, which matches the main hook: “You don’t have to worry ’bout a single thing / Just let me sing to you.” Well don’t mind if I do, John.


Listen to John Splithoff on iTunes and Spotify. Check out John’s videos on YouTube.

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