Luna Shadows

Luna Shadows

Luna Shadows is another one of my favorite upcoming artists. She has a unique sound that sits somewhere in between the production of pop and the chill of indie/alternative. All of her music presents a soothing ambience that sweeps you in. Her lyrics match the vibe in their poetic nature to create a contemplative and calming atmosphere that you won’t want to leave. You might find yourself diving into the “waves” she creates.


“Waves” was the first song I ever heard from Luna Shadows. It hasn’t left my favorites playlist since I heard it in January. The opening piano chords hook me in every time. Then there’s a subtle beat drop as the first chorus hits that makes it impossible for me to skip the song. Somehow she creates a pulse in the music that feels like a wave ebbing and flowing, pulling you further into the song. It’s the perfect song to jam to this summer.

“Cry Wolf” was Luna Shadow’s first single. Her lyrics are clever, with an extended metaphor through the whole song about the familiar tale of the boy who cried wolf. It’s not one of my favorites by her but it’s good music to have on in the background when you’re working or driving.

“Thorns” is Luna Shadow’s most recent single. I’ve never heard a song that describes a destructive relationship the way this song does. It creates a beautiful yet haunting image. As always, the production is impeccable and assists in creating the image of thorns (with tinkling pings at the high end of the soundscape that almost prick your ears).

I am anxiously awaiting Luna Shadow’s future releases. She has a style that leans towards the future of the pop world, if not in the mainstream then at least in the online streaming world.

Listen to Luna Shadows on Spotify and iTunes. Check out her videos on YouTube.

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